SR2 Whey Isolate - 750g

  • Price: 35900 AMD
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  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Brand: Stacker2
  • Sku: 01775

Whey Isolate is the most advanced protein in the Stacker2 product range. A protein percentage of at least 90%, the best flavour on the market and maximum (complete) solubility make Stacker2 Whey Isolate the best choice that you can make as a top athlete.
Read on to see what makes Whey Isolate so unique.

A few reasons that make Whey Isolate so unique:

    Contains 100% pure whey protein isolate.
    Rich in BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) (6 grams per serving).
    Very fast and complete absorption by the muscles.
    No added sugars, low in fat and only a fraction of lactose.
    Fully soluble (no lumps, no foam).